Monday, February 20, 2012

Diversion #1: Children's Book

So... somehow I got roped into writing/illustrating a children's book for a class I'm taking called "Pay it Forward." The goal of said class it to interact with a small portion of the world using your "gifts." And while art isn't even close to one of my talents, I figured that a children's book would probably be manageable in a semester's time, and a good way to actually get some kind of story out there to others.

I am also working with another student on the project, so we're going to split the workload as best as we can. We'll see how that goes...

Introducing the main character, Henry. Yes, he's my creation. I was just messing around with ideas and concepts for his character design, and this popped out. Let's hope the design keeps, because I'm a little enamored with how he came out!

The story is going to be about embracing diversity, finding friendship, and being yourself. Can I get a big "Awwww!"?

2 lived to tell about it:

Ninja said... Reply

That sounds like a cute idea. ;)

King of the Eyesores said... Reply

Let's hope it turns out okay!

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