Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Everyone loves EMO-SHUNAL poetry, right? Wrong.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon an array of saved Google Docs from an old email account. Skimming the titles, one in particular named "antithesis" caught my eye. I clicked on it and found a poem I'd written in there about a year and a half ago. I only vaguely remember writing it. The poem is pretty poorly written, nonsensical, and overall a flop (read: emo-tastic), but I thought I'd share it just because.


coat-hanger wires dangle from the ceiling
we watch them spin idly, synchronized
and the rain outside is dry
and empty
and perfect

the truth is that I love the trace of malaise
flickering at the base of my spine
when you’re with me
always with me
a simple complacency of mine
walking on sand made of sugar and eggshells
and crushed sleigh bells

I miss you (even though)
you make me so goddamn sad (even though)
I love you more than you know (even though)

you’re my antithesis
a truth I must have missed when you won me with your charm
and your love for everything but yourself
don’t get me wrong
you’ve done no wrong

but please don’t leave me (even though)
you should just leave me (even though)
you love me too, don’t you?

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